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Our website typically receives up to 3 million page views per year, much of it in direct response to the outreach we do to underrepresented minority students and their faculty and mentors. By posting your program materials to our site, you gain a larger web presence that can contribute towards successfully meeting your recruitment and diversity goals.

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  • Mentoring Underrepresented Students
  • COSEE-OS and COSEE-Ocean Learning Communities hosted a "Many Learning Pathways in Ocean Science" webinar in partnership with the Institute for Broadening Participation. The webinar featured the topics "Why Do We Mentor?" with Prof. Brian Bingham and "Building Diversity in STEM through Mentoring & Outreach" with Prof. Ashanti Johnson. Dr. Binhgam presented experiences relating to his work with the Multicultural Initiative in Marine Science: Undergraduate Participation (MMISUP) program, as well as his insights as a long-time mentor of underrepresented students. Dr. Johnson discussed successful mentoring strategies that could be enacted by scientists at any stage in their careers based on literature and personal experience. In addition to conducting geochemical research, Dr. Johnson engages in scholarly activities designed to facilitate research and professional development experiences for Minorities Striving and Pursuing Higher Degrees of Success in Earth System Sciences. 

  • Pathways of Support
  • This webinar featured Dr. Christina De La Rocha (Marine Environmental Sciences Laboratory, Brest, France) and Phil Bell and Carrie Tzou (both from COSEE-OLC). Dr. De La Rocha shared her challenges and lessons learned as she traveled through a winding and changing career path. Presenters gave the audience insight into the strategies and modes that can be used to interact with and support underrepresented students in STEM educational activities and careers. Phil and Carrie shared supporting literature from the education field that describes the need for multiple sources of support from a variety of sources to enhance Learners’ personal and intellectual development. Produced in partnership with COSEE-OS.

  • Diversity, Inclusion, & Broadening Participation Resources
  • An overview of IBP and resources on recruitment, retention, mentoring, and student support.

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