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Pursue a career in ocean and marine sciences!

The health of our oceans is key to the health and future habitability of our planet! Ocean scientists include physicists, chemists, geologists, biologists and mathematicians, who often work together in teams to solve the challenges posed by the complicated ocean environment.

As an ocean scientist you might make new discoveries about how ocean waters move, or how the ocean and atmosphere work together to control climate, or you may better understand earthquakes, discover new species, biochemical processes or geological features.

As an ocean engineer you might design, build, and operate robotic vehicles to support scientific investigations, contribute to national defense, or find employment in the offshore oil and gas industry.

Both ocean scientists and ocean engineers often work with economists, lawyers, managers, or others to develop ocean policy to mitigate the effects of human activities on the ocean and to preserve its living resources.

Visit The Consortium for Ocean Leadership for more information about careers in ocean sciences.

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